Artificial Grass Maintenance Near Me

Artificial grass offers homeowners, landscapers and commercial property owners in New York a hassle free alternative to maintaining traditional natural lawns. It is also the perfect solution for pet runs, home putting greens and other uses that require low maintenance. While it is less work to clean than real grass there are still a few important steps that should be followed to ensure your turf looks great and is protected from weeds. In this article we will cover some easy tips on artificial grass maintenance near me including how to remove stains, clean dog pee and get chewing gum out of turf.

The best way to keep your artificial grass looking beautiful is to do some light cleaning regularly. This will help to avoid buildup of organic materials that can lead to weeds and premature wear. This can be done using a simple hose or a power brush. A hose will wash away loose dirt while a power brush will go deeper to disrupt organic material and fluff the grass fibers up for a more natural look.

It is important to regularly clear debris from your artificial grass such as branches, leaves and twigs. This can be done with a leaf blower or a stiff plastic or synthetic brush that is gentle enough to not damage the artificial grass. This should be done on a regular basis or as soon as they fall to prevent them from accumulating and damaging the turf.

Turf that becomes matted is not only unsightly but it also leaves the blades vulnerable to premature wear. It is therefore important to brush the grass at least once a week with a stiff broom. This will remove any twigs or leaves that have fallen onto the grass and it will also help to fluff up the turf fibers so they are not so flat.

While many artificial grass options are stain resistant, spills and stains should be addressed promptly in order to protect your investment. A mild detergent or washing up liquid can be used for water based spills and stains such as milk, tomato sauce, alcohol and blood. For oil based spills or stains try using gentle diluted mineral spirits.

It is also helpful to use a pet-friendly infill such as Zeolite or Durafill which has built-in Microban technology to prevent odors from urine. In addition to this hosing off the areas where pets relieve themselves and using an artificial grass cleaner that is safe for dogs or cats will also reduce any urine smells.

If your artificial grass is exposed to a lot of rain or snow you should consider lightly hosing it with a garden hose on a weekly basis. This will help to flush out any dirt that may be stuck in the artificial grass fibers and it will also wash off any fertilizer or weed killer that was applied as part of your spring or winter maintenance routine. This should be done in combination with a regular sweeping with a push broom.